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Toxins are everywhere

There are more reasons than ever for us to start taking better care of our bodies and we need to start now. Even if you try to live a healthier lifestyle—you don’t smoke, do drugs, limit alcohol consumption, make fruit and vegetables a staple in your diet and you drink lots of water, most likely, you still aren't doing enough. Toxins that are found naturally, as well as man made chemicals make us sick with everything from headaches to cancer. You probably don’t even realize that they are making you sick.  They are in our air, our water, our food. Even the healthiest foods, your vegetables, can make you sick. You eat organic because you know pesticides are sprayed on your fruits and vegetables and antibotics are given to cattle, that's great! But what's in your air and your water? What is in the food you order at your favorite restaurant or at your friend’s party?  Toxins are unavoidable, so how can we keep ourselves safe and healthy?

Detoxing need to be part of all our lives.  We need to clean our bodies from the inside the same way we bathe away the dirt on the outside.  There are many ways to remove toxins from our bodies.  Here are a few examples of how we can start to detox and purify our bodies today:

  • Exercising
  • Breathing in air free of pollution and toxins
  • Replenishing our bodies with clean, nutrient filled water
  • Making sure our body is working properly to clean itself
  • Sweat it out! Sweating removes toxins from your body




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